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Prof. Dr. Göksel N. Demırer

Prof. Dr.  Göksel N. Demırer

Middle East Technical University
Department of Environmental Engineering

TR - 06531 Ankara

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phone: +90-312-210 58 67
Main focus:Professor in the Department of Environmental Engineering at Middle East Technical University, His areas of interests include topics such as cleaner production/pollution prevention, anaerobic environmental biotechnology, wastewater engineering, natural treatment systems, bioenergy and biobased products. He has studied at the universities of Vanderbilt University (PH. D. in Environmental Engineering Department) and Middle East Technical University (M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering). He is the author of 50 peer-reviewed journal articles, 89 conference proceeding articles, a published book and book chapter in Turkish.

Areas of Research: Anaerobic Environmental Biotechnology, Wastewater Engineering, Cleaner Production/Pollution Prevention, Natural Treatment Systems, Bioenergy and Biobased Products.

Current activity:Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey
Department of Environmental Engineering 1997-Present
• Anaerobic Treatment of Wastes (Graduate)
• Wastewater Engineering Design (Undergraduate) with Dr. M. Kerestecioglu
• Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering Processes (Undergraduate)
• Introduction to Environmental Engineering (Undergraduate)
• Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering (Undergraduate)
• Treatment and Disposal of Water and Wastewater Treatment Sludge (Undergraduate and Graduate)
• Cleaner Production (Undergraduate and Graduate)
• Pollution Prevention (Undergraduate and Graduate)
• Environmental Chemistry Laboratory (Undergraduate)

Former activity:• Middle East Technical University, Department of Environmental Engineering, Ankara, Turkey.
August 2005-present Professor
November 1999-August 2005 Associate Professor
February 1998-November 1999 Assistant Professor
April 1997-February 1998 Instructor/Lecturer
February 1990- August 1992 Research/Teaching Assistant
• June 2007- October 2007 Visiting Professor
RMIT University, School of Civil, Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.
• January 2003-July 2004 Visiting Professor
Washington State University, Department of Biological Systems Engineering, Pullman, WA, USA.
• February 2001-January 2003 Adjunct Faculty Member
Anadolu University, Department of Environmental Engineering, Eskişehir, Turkey.
• July-August 1998 Visiting Professor
Tuzla University, Department of Technology, Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina.
• August 1992-December 1996 Research/Teaching Assistant
Vanderbilt University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Nashville, TN, USA.
• July-August 1988 Engineering Intern
Municipality of SchloB Holte-Stukenbrock, SchloB Holte-Stukenbrock Wastewater Treatment Plant, Bielefeld, Germany.
• July-August 1987 Engineering Intern
Provincial Bank of Turkey, 5. District, Alanya Wastewater Treatment Plant, Antalya, Turkey.

Education:•Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Ph.D., Environmental Engineering
December 1996
•Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey.
Department of Environmental Engineering
M.Sc., Environmental Engineering June 1991
B.Sc., Environmental Engineering June 1989

Awards:• Australian Government, Ministry for Education, Science and Training, Endeavour Research Fellowship, 2007.
• Middle East Technical University, Academic Performance Award, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008.
• Middle East Technical University, Mustafa Parlar Education and Research Foundation, Educator of the Year Award, 2005-2006.
• Middle East Technical University, Tarık Somer Outstanding Academic Achievement Award, 2001.
• Middle East Technical University, Mustafa Parlar Education and Research Foundation, Educator of the Year Award, 2000-2001.
• Middle East Technical University, Outstanding Academic Achievement Award, 1999.
• Vanderbilt University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Assistantship and Tuition Scholarship, 1992-1996.
• The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey, Doctoral Scholarships, 1994-1995.

Memberships:• Union of Chamber of Turkish Engineers and Architects, Chamber of Environmental Engineers
• Water Environment Federation
• Water Environment Association of Turkey
• DELTA (Developing Environmental Leadership Towards Action) Network -Turkey

Articles: Renewable energy production from organic fraction of municipal solid waste through two-phase anaerobic digestion (6/2009)


Waste-to-Energy (WtE) facility

Renergia, a brand new Waste-to-Energy (WtE) facility opened in Canton Lucerne, shows that Waste-to-Energy can provide reliable heat for industries.

Category: Incineration / Waste-to-Energy plant
Executing firm: Renergia Zentralschweiz AG

MBT Ljubljana, Slovenia

In Slovenia arises one of the largest and most modern waste treatment plants in Europe.

Category: Recycling / MBT
Executing firm: STRABAG AG

Flue Gas Cleaning

The final unit of the incineration plant is one of the most important parts as it has the objective of cleaning the air pollutants produced.

Category: Incineration
Executing firm: ete.a - Ingenieurgesellschaft für Energie– und Umweltengineering & Beratung mbH

Batch Dry Fermentation

The biogas produced from the waste can be converted in a CHP to electrical and thermal energy or fed as processed bio-methane into the natural gas grid or used as fuel (CNG).

Category: Recycling / Fermentation
Executing firm: BEKON Energy Technologies Co. & KG

MBT Warsaw, Poland

The Bio-Dry™ system is a static, aerated and flexibly enclosed reactor for the biological drying of various solid waste matters containing some biodegradable contents.

Category: Recycling / MBT
Executing firm: Convaero GmbH

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