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Dr. Oliver Gohlke

Dr.  Oliver Gohlke
Product Manager Engineered Solutions

Power Services

DE - 70327 Stuttgart

24812 visitors
mobile: +49 176 132 989 26
Main focus:Sustainability, innovation R&D, energy efficiency, renewable energy, environmental engineering

Current activity:Platform Manager Engineered Solutions
ALSTOM Power, Stuttgart
Thermal Services / Boiler Product Line

Former activity:1993 MARTIN GmbH, Munich, R&D Engineer
2006 MARTIN GmbH, Head of Research and Development at MARTIN GmbH
2011 MARTIN GmbH, Director- Innovation and Sustainability
2012 ALSTOM Power, Product Manager Fring Systems

Education:Oliver Gohlke was born in 1965 in Aachen. He took the German Abitur in Stuttgart and went on to study in France, receiving his Diplôme d’Ingénieur from the Ècole de Chimie, Polymères et Matériaux de Strasbourg in 1989. After serving his alternative national service, Mr. Gohlke submitted his doctoral thesis at the technical university of Munich in cooperation with the GSF-National Research Center for Environment and Health. Subject: "Thermal inerting of residues from waste incineration plants". The work involved was funded by a grant from the Volkswagen Foundation's environmental process engineering program and supervised by DECHEMA, the German society for chemical engineering and biotechnology.

Memberships:Head of the expert group elaborating the guideline VDI3925 on evaluation tools for waste treatment processes (VDI = German Association of Engineers)

Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal Waste Management and Research (WM&R)

Member of the Scientific Adivisory Board of the Clausthaler Umwelttechnik-Institut (CUTEC)

Member of the VDI expert group on Waste treatment and Recycling (AuW)

Member of the Waste to Energy Research and Technology Council (WTERT.EU)

Articles: Lebensdauerverlängerung von auftragsgeschweißten Membranwänden (1/2014)

Combining WTE and Solar Power – New Solutions for Sustainable Energy Generation – (10/2012)

Fortschrittliche Feuerungstechnik (3/2011)

Anwendung von Energiekennzahlen für Abfallverbrennung (1/2011)

NOx-Reduction - State of the art and new developments (10/2010)

Anwendung von Energiekennzahlen und CO2-Bilanzen auf Verfahren zur energetischen Nutzung von Abfällen (9/2010)

Energieeffizienz und Kesselkonzepte (1/2010)

Anwendung von Energie-Kennzahlen auf Anlagen zur Nutzung von Energie aus Abfall (6/2009)

Anwendung von Energie-Kennzahlen auf moderne europäische Beispielanlagen (3/2009)

NOx Minderung mit dem Very-low NOx Verfahren (VLN) (2/2009)

Druck im Kessel (6/2008)

Verbesserungspotenziale der Energieeffizienz (3/2008)

Werkzeuge zur Bewertung von Abfallbehandlungsverfahren - Methoden und Ergebnisse - (11/2006)

Tools for evaluating waste treatment processes – Methods and results (11/2006)

Outils d’évaluation des procédés de traitement des déchets – Méthodes et résultats (11/2006)

Deponiefreie Abfallwirtschaft 2020 aus der Sicht des Anlagenbaus (3/2006)

Effiziente Abfallbehandlung mit der neuen Anlage in Arnoldstein (3/2005)

Nachhaltige Abfallbehandlung mit dem SyncomPlus-Verfahren (8/2004)

Energie und Inertstoffe aus Abfall – Integration von Schlackeaufbereitung und Flugascheentsorgung in den Verbrennungsprozess – (4/2004)

Das SYNCOMÒ-Plus Verfahren als Baustein der vollständigen Abfallverwertung (4/2004)

Emissionsminderung durch das MARTIN-SYNCOM-Verfahren (12/2002)


Waste-to-Energy (WtE) facility

Renergia, a brand new Waste-to-Energy (WtE) facility opened in Canton Lucerne, shows that Waste-to-Energy can provide reliable heat for industries.

Category: Incineration / Waste-to-Energy plant
Executing firm: Renergia Zentralschweiz AG

MBT Ljubljana, Slovenia

In Slovenia arises one of the largest and most modern waste treatment plants in Europe.

Category: Recycling / MBT
Executing firm: STRABAG AG

Flue Gas Cleaning

The final unit of the incineration plant is one of the most important parts as it has the objective of cleaning the air pollutants produced.

Category: Incineration
Executing firm: ete.a - Ingenieurgesellschaft für Energie– und Umweltengineering & Beratung mbH

Batch Dry Fermentation

The biogas produced from the waste can be converted in a CHP to electrical and thermal energy or fed as processed bio-methane into the natural gas grid or used as fuel (CNG).

Category: Recycling / Fermentation
Executing firm: BEKON Energy Technologies Co. & KG

MBT Warsaw, Poland

The Bio-Dry™ system is a static, aerated and flexibly enclosed reactor for the biological drying of various solid waste matters containing some biodegradable contents.

Category: Recycling / MBT
Executing firm: Convaero GmbH

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