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Recyling centres by Modulo Beton Nederland B.V as an example of bring systems

Modulo Recycling Centres, our vision:

The Recycling centre collect and pass on. That is why they are much more than an environmentally-friendly place to dump waste. It is a point of conversion; a circulation site where people give items and materials new uses. The old is turned into new. That is why Modulo intends to turn the recycling centre into a friendly inviting place that involves people in the natural cycle of waste, reuse and creation. Each takes their own responsibility. The market is tilting from linear to circular!

The R5 - Recycling Centre:

Modulo created the R5 - Recycle Centre for the Dutch municipality market. The R5 - Recycle Centre is a comprehensive, flexible civic amenity site concept that offers a practical opportunity to combine and integrate the circular economy and social return in the context of the Participation Act.

The R5 is a circular and sustainable stage for a socially responsible initiative and commitment of the municipality towards its citizens.

R5 - Recycling Centre: Recycle, Refresh, Repair, Reuse and Reintegrate:

The R5 - Recycling Centre is an innovative and flexible concept where the citizen can bring goods and raw materials and that can also be used as a recognised work experience place that offers people with poor job market prospects a chance of reintegration.

An assessment is made of whether the materials and/or goods can be reused before the people throw their waste/resources in the appropriate containers. This prevents unnecessary waste and prolongs the life cycle of the original goods. This stimulates the reuse of materials and prevents the use of new resources. Examples of backstage activities are repairing bicycles, remaking old furniture, creating furniture out of recycled wood, disassembling computer equipment, a coffee corner, an education centre for kids, sorting clothes, preparation of wood for fireplaces, Repair Cafe, Waste Pays Off, an item exchange, new art made from waste, materials exchange, etc. All will be placed under the direction of the municipality and if so desired linked to public employment services in conjunction with local entrepreneurs and societies. Subsequently, the up-cycled products can be marketed in the consumer circuit by means of thrift shops or empty A-grade locations.

The Modulo Recycling Centre and our contribution to circular economy:

- In the production the modular elements Modulo uses secondary raw materials. The sand and gravel that normally takes up 5/6th of concrete elements is replaced 100% by organic granules. These granules are obtained from a partner who prepares used asphalt from motorways for reuse in our concrete production. This production method saves on using new raw materials.

- Realising a Modulo Recycle Centre has a relatively short construction time and requires little soil replacement thanks to the prefab production method. This method results in a CO2 emission that is considerably lower for the entire process than it is in the obsolete, traditional construction method.

- The R5 concept anticipates the double use of soil. The areas below the Recycle centre can be used for storage, work experience places, sorting rooms and other applications. This saves on the construction of additional buildings, use of surface space, resources, CO2 and any corresponding additional investments.

- The modular concrete elements have a long lifespan, are 100% reusable and easy to relocate. Any relocation in the context of a change in legislation and municipal mergers require virtually no loss in resources and investments. Recent meetings show that relocation is a reality for many municipalities.

- Our partnership with Turntoo offers the option of using a Recycle Centre for a specific amount of time by means of a performance agreement. Modulo remains the owner of the resource and organises the reuse of the elements after the agreed upon period of use. To this end, Modulo Milieustraten entered into a co-creation with the ABN AMRO bank who can provide the client in question with practical financing.

The R5 - Circular Mood Board: Working towards a circular Recycle Centre efficiently and transparently:

Modulo strives for the ideal coalition of knowledge in the realisation of its projects. Our goal is to involve expertise locally as much as possible in our deliberations with the client. The focus of the formation of this coalition is the R5 Circular Mood Board. This is an overview that shows the possible activities that can take place at and around the Recycling Centre. The project group together with the client decides which activities will be integrated. Modulo and the client manage the project and work together with experts in the field who have already proven their focus on the circular methods.

For more information on the R5 - Recyling Centre you can contact Modulo Milieustraten in Soest.
Tel.: +31 (0)35-5885454 - - 

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